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Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney Ron Frey

Ron Frey

Since Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney Ron Frey first began practicing law in 2004, he has committed himself to the zealous representation and defense of his clients. Indeed, his compassion for his clients and his passion for justice have placed him at the forefront of criminal law nationwide.

In particular, Attorney Frey is nationally known for his ability and knowledge with respect to the defense of clients and companies charged or investigated for Internet and computer crimes. Attorneys across the country have turned to him for counsel in this continually changing area of the law. In fact, attorney Frey frequently presents continuing legal education seminars on internet and computer crimes at legal conferences around the country.

If you, or someone you know, is facing charges or is under investigation, please do not hesitate to contact Criminal Defense Attorney Ron Frey and The Frey Law Firm today for a free initial consultation.

The Tampa office of The Frey Law Firm is conveniently located next to all of the major Tampa courthouses. For more information about The Tampa Criminal Defense Law Firm near the courthouse, please click here: Tampa Criminal Defense Lawyer.

Areas of Practice

An Education Geared Towards Criminal Defense

Following his graduation from John Carroll University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Economics, Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney Ron Frey continued his education and earned his law degree from the Cleveland State University’s Cleveland-Marshall School of Law.

By his second year of law school, he was already working with a criminal defense law firm as an intern. It was during his internship that he found his calling to be a criminal defense lawyer. He realized right away that other areas of law were focused primarily upon assets, whether it was property, contracts or estates and trusts. Criminal Defense allowed him to pursue justice for people who were in the most serious of situations and often facing severe potential penalties.

Why He Does Not Take “Every Case That Walks in the Door”

Unlike many law firms that take an assembly line approach to criminal defense, Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney Ron Frey is dedicated to providing the highest level of service he possibly can to his clients. As a result, he accepts only a relatively small number of cases.

When you retain Attorney Frey, he does not shuffle the case over to an associate. He commits himself to the representation. If he takes the case on, he does it with the intention of representing the client to the best of his ability.

First-time Offenders & Professionals

Over his nearly fifteen years of practice as a criminal defense lawyer, Attorney Frey has found that first-time offenders often face some of the greatest obstacles and challenges within the criminal justice system. For instance, first-time offenders and professionals often mistakenly believe that they will be treated fairly if they simply speak freely and answer each and every question the police ask. Unfortunately, that is not how the system works. First-time offenders often find themselves in positions where the tactics of law enforcement are employed against them in such a way that they end up getting indicted or charged.

Throughout his career, Attorney Frey has represented a multitude of professionals and individuals who had not had any prior exposure to the criminal justice system. He understands the confusion, fear and uncertainty that suspects and defendants experience when confronted with the weight of a federal or state prosecution.

Attorney Frey is dedicated to his role as defense attorney, but also as counselor at law. He strives to ensure his clients understand the process, the rules and the issues within their case. Finally, he works with the client to develop a defense strategy that is tailored to the facts and circumstances of the case.

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Mr. Frey is an excellent attorney! Not only is he extremely knowledgable, Mr. Frey was very responsive and attentive to all of my questions and explained everything so...

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I hired Ron to represent my son who was charged with a serious federal crime. Due to the nature and seriousness of the charge, I needed absolute confidence in my son’s...

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Ronald Frey is an excellent lawyer and I would highly recommend him to someone in need of his skills. In his specialty area, Ron knows the law completely, and has the...

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