Charged With A Serious Sex Crime?

Sex crimes involve some of the harshest consequences of any type of criminal charge. While there are very serious criminal penalties including incarceration, there is also the prospect of having to live as a registered sex offender after your sentence has been served and the social stigma of being labeled as a registered sex offender.

For those living as registered sex offenders, the conditions can be so restrictive that many people find themselves unable to comply or inadvertently violating their conditions. They then find themselves facing further criminal charges. It can be a never-ending cycle.

Taking Action As Soon As Possible Is Crucial

Many of these cases hinge on competing narratives or he said/she said situations. It is important that you are able to present evidence that supports your side of the story.

Securing the evidence necessary to build a strong defense often requires taking action as soon as possible. Surveillance camera footage from a store, apartment complex or dormitory may be overwritten. Pictures and messages on social media may be deleted. Witnesses' memories can fade. Only by acting as soon as possible do you insure that the evidence you need will be gathered.

We offer our clients highly effective defense against sex crime charges such as:

The Experience You Need When So Much Is At Stake

At The Frey Law Firm, PLLC, we provide our clients with skilled and experienced criminal defense representation that can help them avoid the nightmare of a sex crimes conviction. We know that there are two sides to most stories. Our experience in defending people against these types of charges allows us to know what type of evidence to look for to support our clients' side of the story.

Attorney Ronald Frey has been helping people fight to clear their names and protect themselves against the most difficult criminal charges for more than a decade. His skill in constructing effective defense has taken him around the country. He was selected as a Rising Star by Super Lawyers in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 and has received a 10.0 AVVO rating.

Sex Crimes Defense In Charlotte, North Carolina

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