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We provide highly effective criminal defense representation to those facing a wide variety of charges and related issues, including:

  • White-collar crimes — Acting as soon as possible can make all of the difference in how well you are able to protect your reputation within the business community.
  • Federal offenses — There are many allegations that can give rise to a federal indictment. Defending against federal charges requires understanding of the different court procedures and sentencing guidelines the federal courts rely on.
  • Computer and Internet crimes — The best defense against these types of charges requires a detailed knowledge of how to best utilize and understand computer forensics. Attorney Ronald Frey has extensive experience in fighting computer-related evidence.
  • Sex offenses — Putting forward the strongest defense is the best way to avoid the stigma and difficulty of living as a convicted and registered sex offender.
  • Violent crimes — Securing necessary evidence as soon as possible after you have been charged can be vital to the success of your defense. Contact our office as soon as possible.
  • Drug charges — Avoiding the serious consequences of a drug conviction can depend on the quality of the representation you choose.
  • Theft offenses — As theft is a crime of moral turpitude, a conviction can brand a person for life causing difficulties securing employment. You need to present the strongest case possible now against even relatively minor charges such as shoplifting.
  • Appeals — A strong appeal requires knowledge of the appellate process and how to succeed in an arena where research, brief writing and oral advocacy are essential skills.
  • Professional license defense — For professionals who are facing criminal charges, the additional potential consequence of losing a professional license calls for securing representation that understands not just criminal defense, but also professional license defense.
  • DWI and traffic violations— Only by fighting DUI charges can people avoid the numerous collateral consequences such as increased insurance rates and the threat of a subsequent DUI conviction and its greatly heightened penalties.
  • Arson — We understand how to conduct the thorough investigations required to successfully defend our clients against arson charges.
  • Bond reduction — When you are facing excessive bond amounts, we can help you fight for a more manageable and appropriate bond.
  • Juvenile defense — Our extensive experience can help ensure that your child's rights are protected, and we will work to secure a resolution that allows him or her to move forward with his or her future intact.

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