Attorney Frey Administered Florida Oath of Attorney

Criminal Defense Lawyer Ron Frey was administered the Oath of Attorney for The Florida Bar on September 25, 2015.  The Frey Law Firm looks forward to expanding and serving its clients in the Sunshine State. ( Read More)

Periscope for Lawyers - Coming to a Courtroom Near You!

In response to the popularity of live-streaming video applications such as Meerkat (an app that allows live-streaming video sharing that was launched earlier this year), Twitter has launched Periscope, a live-streaming application that allows users to broadcast live video, via a smartphone. Live-broadcasting via smartphone applications is not necessarily new. Apps such as Lifestream and Ustream have been widely available for years. However, Periscope's launch is a game changer due to its fluid integration with Twitter and Twitter's built in audience. ( Read More)